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Calligraphy Services

Contemporary flair no machine can compare

Live Events and Brand Activations

Provide your guests with a memorable experience by gifting them with branded keepsakes and adding a touch of personality through calligraphy or engraving.


The beauty of calligraphy is that each piece is one-of-a-kind that will impress your guests and encourage them to post on their social media.


All calligraphy services require minimal setup, which is perfect for various settings. Each design can be done in minutes in front of your guests.

Orange County Live Calligraphy Artist.jpeg


With calligraphy and lettering services, various surfaces can be personalized from paper, leather, plastic, and more. 

Customization can include:

- Notes

- Place cards

- Gift tags

- Branded items like beauty products, cosmetic bags, and other unique pieces

Calligraphy Engraved Hennessy Bottle.jpeg

Hand Engraving

The completed engraved product is a beautifully etched surface that guests are likely to keep for years and will commemorate your event and brand.

Engraving can be done on glass, metal, stone, and some plastics.

Customization can include:

- (Non-carbonated) Wine and liquor bottles

- Perfume bottles

- Candle jars

- Cosmetic bottles

- Drinkware

- Metal water bottles

Gold Foiling

Using the same wood-burning tool, foiling can be heat pressed on leather and some faux leather surfaces

Customization can include:

- card holders and wallets

- luggage tags

- leather notebooks

Gold foil stamping on leather.jpg

Wood Burning/Pyrography

The art of wood burning is a unique service that is done freehand using a heated pen.

Customization can include:

- charcuterie boards

- wooden box

- coasters

Pyrography Artist Wood Burning.jpeg
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