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My Calligraphy Journey | From Hobby to Business

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

What sparked my interest

When I started calligraphy, I never had the intention of it becoming a business someday. Let’s backtrack to 2017. I was working for a luxury brand in the fashion industry, where top-spending clients were sent an exclusive letter and special gift. What made the presentation so special and elevated was the handwritten calligraphy on the front of the envelope. I loved the way it looked, and aspired to do it myself one day.

My first workshop

This was a time when modern calligraphy was trending, and social media was filled with videos of brush lettering. I always had an interest in hand lettering, so I didn’t think twice about looking up a beginner’s calligraphy workshop to take. This was my first introduction to calligraphy and it wasn’t as easy as the videos on Instagram looked, but it was so fun. I learned the basic strokes and rules, how to hold a pen, and so on. Many people in this workshop were taking the class to learn how to do calligraphy envelope addressing for their own wedding. At that point my limiting beliefs had me thinking “I could never do calligraphy envelope addressing” (younger me had NO idea how many envelopes I’ll be addressing in the future).

I finally had a hobby

When I would hear people talk about their hobbies, I would joke saying “I want one of those!”.

I finally had a hobby and was obsessed! It was something I loved doing as a pastime, and was the creative outlet that I needed. Shortly after the first calligraphy workshop I took, not only was I writing all my personal gift tags and cards in calligraphy, but I ended up being the (self-proclaimed) in-house calligrapher at the luxury brand I was working for: writing the names for PR gifting and eventually the client gifting.

The launch of Ink and Rhythm Calligraphy

Fast forward to 2020, I pursued my passion, and Ink and Rhythm Calligraphy was born. I remember being scared, but ready to take the leap. It was a time when passion and perseverance met, and when “maybe one day” turned into “I’m doing this today”. It feels like a dream to have my passion-based business come to life. I’m still figuring things out along the way, so I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned so far, behind the scenes of my creative business, my favorite tools and resources, and more!

Want to dive into the brand name? “Rhythm” was finding harmony and intention with everything I do - with every project, every business decision, and the balance of working a job and running a creative business. And well, “Ink”... need I say more?

If you have a hobby that you’re thinking of turning into a business, I’d love to hear it! One thing I’ve learned is: nothing is off the table!

Until next time,

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